The Nova product has the largest installed user base of any horizontal carousel software package.  The product is currently installed at over 300 sites in the U.S. , Canada , Central America and South America.  Nova supports multiple selection stations and multiple supervisor stations.  In addition to horizontal carousels Nova supports vertical carousels and vertical lift modules.  The product is designed for moderate to high speed order selection and supports off carousel either using paper or an RF option.
Nova32 RF
The base Nova product supports paper order selection of non carousel skus commonly referred to as off carousel.  As an option this off carousel may be performed with the Nova RF option allowing 1 to 50 RF terminals to select the off carousels items batched 16 orders at a time.   In addition this product is a product locator  containing letdowns, putaways, transfers, slot optimization and directed (i.e. suggested) putaway.
Nova32 RF Only
This is an RF only product that does not include carousel stations. It utilizes the features found in the traditional Nova RF including directed putaway, slot management, and batch order selection.
Vertical Storage Manager (i.e. VSM) was designed to be the easiest to use and at the same time robust software products for vertical carousels and vertical lift modules available.  It is scalable to meet the simplest of applications while capable of being configured to select as many as 1000 orders at a time while controlling up to 24 vlms or vertical carousels at a single station.  Easy to install and simple to maintain.  VSM sets the standard for vertical storage.